Organic Sour Cream Starter

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Organic Sour Cream Starter

Sour cream has become a staple in most kitchens. It is kept on hand to make quick dips and thicken sauces. Much like yoghurt sour cream also tenderises and softens baked goods. Our organic sour cream starter is made by adding lactic acid-producing bacteria to cream. Left to ferment it then produces the slightly tart, thick substance known as sour cream.

Our sour cream is of the heirloom variety, and can be re cultured by taking a small amount from the batch just made and adding it to new cream to make a fresh batch. This process can be continued indefinitely as long as the culture is properly cared for. Sour cream can be made from double cream, single cream, or a mixture of cream and milk. The more fat content available during fermentation, the thicker the sour cream will become. This incredibly easy to make sour cream requires no special equipment and tastes delicious. Why not try making your own sour cream today?

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