Organic French Set Yoghurt Starter Culture

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Organic French Set Yoghurt Starter Culture

Organic French set yoghurt is a different style of the yoghurt than the one you would popularly find at a deli as it is made in small glass jars, with limited ingredients. What makes them unique is that they are made in small batches and each small serving is cultured separately for eight hours. The consumers then eat the yogurt directly out of the jar it was cultured in. It is a thick, unstrained variety of yogurt and is said to be following the tradition of how yogurt was made in French farmhouses.

Organic French set yoghurt is often compared to Greek yogurt, which has been popular in the market for the last few years. The following are a few key differences between French set yoghurt and Greek-style yoghurt. While both yogurts have a thick consistency, French set yoghurt is said to contain less protein than Greek yoghurt version and often has more sugar. A key difference is also that Greek yoghurt is strained, whereas French yoghurt is served as it is, in the same container it is allowed to set in. Greek yoghurt, like most other types of yoghurt, is made in a large vat, allowed to set fully, and then packaged individually.

This is an ideal yogurt to make at home. This rich, creamy thick-set yoghurt has a translucent colour and a fantastic taste. A firm favorite here in the Freshly Fermented office!