** New Grey Oyster Mushroom Bales ** 1.7kg+

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1 unit
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2 units

Product Description

** We will be getting more regular supplies of this product going forward** If out of stock, click on 'NOTIFY ME'

These grey oyster mushroom 1kg bales from Southern England will become part of our range shortly as a 2kg option, but these are 1kg. Grey Oyster grow kits are a strong producer. They produce thick bunches of a rich and flavourful mushroom which is great on its own or to incorporate into dishes as an alternative to meat. Easy to grow and fun to watch, they should produce several flushes resulting in several kilos at least of delicious Oyster mushrooms if kept in ideal conditions. 

We use the best possible substrate recipe, mixed on-site, to ensure your kit has the strongest start. The kits come to you fully colonised and ready to fruit with the necessary equipment you need. All you need to do is place it in a good position, at the right temperature for the variety, somewhere indoors or outside in a shed (small window is ok) and out of direct sunlight. Humidity and the ability to breathe are the key factors as mushrooms respire like we do, taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide.

​You will get a strong first flush of the fruiting bodies, but it doesn’t end there as the kits will continue to grow another smaller crop or two before the energy in the growing block is spent. You can then break it up and mix it into your flower beds or simply bury it whole in the garden to improve the soil and attract worms. The cardboard and paper packaging will provide clean energy for the mycelium which appears in white throughout the block. If you cover it with a few inches of soil, don’t be surprised to see some new fruit poking through over time.

We have tried to make our kits as environmentally friendly as possible. We will be expanding the range to include Lions Maine and other varieties. This is a small initial order to test the water, watch this space. Restricted to 2 initially per order.