Masoni Panforte di Siena 250g - 1879 recipe.

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Masoni Panforte di Siena 250g

Makes a lovely gift for the Tuscany-phile and we literally get asked for Panforte all year, but in reality, this Xmas favourite is only available for a few months per year. It is cut in to small triangles (its very rich) and served with wine or coffee.

Hand-made and wrapped, produced according to the ancient Tuscan tradition, includes a blended mix of sweet almonds, orange peel, melon and candied citron and "Speziali" added precious spices from the east to the original recipe.

Originally from Siena, panforte has been made in the region since Medieval times. Essentially a dense fruitcake packed with almonds and spices, panforte Margherita was named after Queen Margherita of Savoy during her visit to Siena in 1879. The Masoni family preserves the tradition and taste of Siena sweets by using simple ingredients, high quality raw materials and most importantly recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Have it in the morning as a sweet Christmas breakfast, or serve it after dinner to impress your guests, with a glass of sweet wine. It also pairs perfectly with a wide variety of cheeses from mild and creamy ones to more aged, saltier pecorino.

Product of Italy.

- Nutritional Value              per 100g  -      piece 50g

- enrgy value                           1847kj     -       923,5kj 

                                              440kcal            220kcal

- fat                                         12g                    6g

- of which saturated                    1g                  0,5g

- carbohydrate                          72g                  36g

- of which sugar                        34g                  17g

- protein                                   12g                    6g

- dietary fibre                             4g                     2g

- salt                                        0,6g                  0,3g  

Masoni Panforte di Siena 250g - 1879 recipe.

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