Mais Sweetcorn Zuccherino Golden Bantam

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B31 - This variety is called 'Sugary' because of it's sweet kernels. The registered name is Golden Bantam which is a heritage variety registered in 1902. This is a vigorous, productive, mid-early plant that can reach 150/180cm in height. Its sweet cobs are about 22cm long and should be picked before fully ripe.

Approximate seeds quantity: @55 seeds.
Weight: 10g packet
To be sown from 
April to June and harvest  from August to November 
Horticultural name: Zea mays L. (Partim)

Mais Sweetcorn Zuccherino Golden Bantam

Product Reviews

Written by Geoff Mathias on 27th Jul 2020


Germination rate was excellent quick growing, good strong plants Very pleased

Written by Dave Musson on 24th Jul 2020

maize sweetcorn Golden Bantam

So far looking good. Good germination and growth. Not much flower as yet but signs are very good