Macine Biscuits by Mulino Bianco 350g

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Product Description

Macine Biscuits by Mulino Bianco 350g

Mulino Bianco's Macine are shortbread pastries prepared with simple ingredients and enriched with fresh cream from Italian cows and eggs from free-range hens to create a rich tasting cookie . They are golden, crisp, sweet and tasty, with the ideal consistency for you to enjoy the daily ritual of a cup of steaming milk, in which they will get wet without breaking. Perfect for starting the day with energy, you can also use them as a crisp and tasty base to make a pear or apple crumble, spread jam over them or add them for a crispy counterpoint to a creamy Greek yogurt or a rich homemade mousse. Mulino Bianco range is versatile and can be enjoyed any time of the day as a wholesome and sweet snack. Macine offer a delicious experience with their buttery shortbread texture and the indulgent addition of cream. Mulino Bianco's commitment to quality ingredients and traditional recipes shines through in these delightful pastries, providing a moment of sweet satisfaction whenever you choose to enjoy them.


Wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, wheat starch, fresh eggsbutter (from milk), fresh pasteurized cream (from milk) 2.1% *, salt, raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, vanillin flavor. *Percentages expressed on the finished product. May contain traces of nuts, sesame and soy.

Nutrition Typical Value Per 100g:

Energy  -  2024kJ / 482kcal
Fat  -  20.0g
of which saturates  -  3.9g
Carbohydrate  -  68.2g
of which sugars  -  19.0g
Fibre  -  2.8g
Protein  -  6.0g
Salt  -  0.83g