Luffa / Loofah

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This is an annual climbing plant which can climb several meters in height. It produces long cylindrical fruits with a green coloured skin which changes brown at full maturity. It has 3 internal chambers along its lenght and it should be picked at full maturity when the flesh of the fruit becomes fibrous and spongy. The fruits hangs and at full maturity may split at the top. You should then soak them in water and clean them to remouve any unwanted residue, like the seeds, skin or flesh part. The loofah will be then ready to be used in the bath like a classic sponge.
To be sown from February to June and harvest from May to November.
Horticultural name: Luffa cylindrica L.
Approximate seeds quantity: @14 seeds
Luffa / Loofah

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Written by Helen Gilbert on 20th Apr 2021


Very good germination rate, I'm looking forward to using a home grown vegetable in the shower.?.

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