Le poesie des Fleurs - Face Cream 50ml

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Le poesie des Fleurs - Face Cream 50ml

La Poesie des Fleures - All natural range delicately perfumed with spring flowers. Suitable for daily use on all types of skin, including sensitive. This range is ideal for gardeners and can also help to prevent the first signs of ageing.
This Collection include:

Face wash contains: Calendula, Cornflower and Aloe. 200ml, Free from sls and slse.

Moisturising Face Cream contains: Hyaluronic acid, dog rose and pentavitin. 50ml 

Deodorant contains: Dog Rose, Vitamine E and Bisabololo 100ml 

Hydrating, Moisturising hand cream contains: Keretine BURRO, Pantenol 100ml

Delicate body Wash contains : Calendula, Cornflower and Aloe. 300ml