Kofee Espresso - Ground 250g

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Product Description

Kofee Espresso Ground

To craft our exceptional espresso blend, we start with a solid foundation of 60% Brazilian beans to create that Old School Italian Profile with a thick body and dense crema.

In the heart of our blend, we added a super premium quality of 20% Guatemalan beans. These are carefully selected and contribute to the boldness of our espresso, giving it a remarkably creamy texture.

To finish, we blended 20% Ethiopian Sidamo beans. These beans give our espresso a sweet jasmine note that lingers on the palate.

We have created a blend of espresso that's beautifully balanced, our coffee has the Italian background, thick and creamy but made with speciality graded beans.

We call the result Modern Italian!

Creating an espresso blend is like cooking three different types of meat simultaneously. Comparing Brazil to Ethiopia, there is a massive difference in density, and both of these beans are in our espresso blend. We decided to sieve and grade the beans into different sizes at the green stage, so they come out of the oven perfectly roasted together. It results in an extraordinary balance and a very forgiving coffee. Whether you dose 14g to 20g, you always get a perfect but different result.