Italian Pine Nuts Pinoli 20g Packet

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As Featured On Food Unwrapped 02/03/15 & 23/11/15 with Jimmy Doherty (from the Supplier featured in Rome) . *Buy 2 or more, pay only £3 each* It is almost impossible to find Italian pine nuts in the UK and these Mediterranean gems are not oily, can be up to twice as long as Chinese ones, are nutty with no black bits. They are collected by hand but most of all, they are super high quality and full of flavour with overtones of orange and pine and no oily flavour.

In Italy we would use them to make Pesto Genovese, in cakes and deserts, in pasta toasted first they are unbelievable, with fish ..... it depends on the region you are in but Italy being 74% Alpine, pine nuts are used all over the country from Sicily in the South, up the Apennines and into the Alps and Dolomites.

Almost all pine nuts in the UK are from China with some from Pakistan and a smattering of other countries, they are not high quality products are small, oily, have unsightly black/brown ends and have been linked to a condition called 'Pine Mouth' which can leave a bitter taste in your mouth for up to 9 months and there is no treatment. there is an excellent article at No pine mouth with Italian pine nuts and the quality of the product is reflected in the price.


Italian Pine Nuts Pinoli 20g Packet

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