Italian extra virgin olive oil unfiltered by Ghiglione Liguria 1l

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Product Description

Italian extra virgin olive oil from Ghiglione of Liguria 1 litre 

*Mainland UK Only*

Made exclusively with Italian olives in Liguria. Produced in Dolcedo (Liguria) by hand for almost a century. This type of oil is of high quality for using raw on mozzarelle, tomatoes and basil, in minestrone and soups etc but also for shallow frying meats, fish, vegetables in pastella etc as it is a good all rounder of good quality. We were particularly keen to get Ghiglione for YOU our customer and when you try it you will understand why. 1 litre bottle. Due to rising olive oil prices thanks to Xylella virus in Puglia and wildfires in the South of Italy we have had to increase the price slightly to match wholesale price increases.

Produce with only ITALIAN olive.

Production area - DOLCEDO - LIGURIA, ITALY

*PLEASE NOTE : we can only allow 5 bottles per order for shipping reason*