Rigamonti Herb Chopper - Recyclable

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The name says it all. Place the fresh herbs in the collection box, turn the handle and the machine will do the rest. Made from Polypropylene and Inox stainless steel. Chops Onions, Parsley, basil, taragon, sage, rosemary, mint, cherry tomatoes, peppers, pine nuts, walnuts etc.
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Polypropylene is recyclable, has no toxic waste, no toxic emission, no halogens and no flourocarbens so it is low impact on the environment

Rigamonti Herb Chopper - Recyclable

Product Reviews

Written by Chris on 6th Aug 2023

Super little time-saving gadget

Just bought this simple little mincer at Franchi’s pizza night. One of my hates is hand grating ginger and mincing garlic. Tonight I made a Jamie chicken and ginger curry - I just fed lumps of ginger and garlic into the hopper and turned the little handle round a few times and in a matter of seconds it was all finely minced ready to put in the pan. Easy to dismantle and clean out. Saved me loads of time. I highly recommend this cheap little device.

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