De Cecco Paccheri no.125 Speciality Large Pasta Shapes - 500g

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De Cecco Paccheri no.125 Speciality Large Pasta Shapes - 500g

Paccheri are a typical pasta from the Campania region. The name comes from "paccarià" which in Neapolitan dialect means "slap".Paccheri, a short pasta variety, is an excellent choice for pairing with rich meat ragus. Its wide tubes are perfect for capturing the savory flavors of tomato or tomato and vegetable sauces, creating a delicious and satisfying meal. Alternatively, it can be enjoyed in oven-baked dishes with cheese and tomato sauce or rich fish sauces.Whether you're a fan of hearty meat sauces or prefer the freshness of tomato and vegetables, paccheri is a versatile pasta that enhances the taste and texture of your favorite dishes. Explore the culinary possibilities and elevate your dining experience with paccheri pasta. Traditionally manufactured according to the recipe of over 125 years.Cooking time: 12 min - Al dente: 10 min.


Durum wheat semolina pasta. May contain eggs, soy and mustard.

Nutrition Typical Value Per 100g

Energy  -  1490kJ / 351kcal
Fat  -  1,5g
of which saturates  -  0,3g
Carbohydrate  -  69g
of which sugars  -  3,4g
Fibre  -  2,9g
Protein  -  14g
Salt  -  0g