Cucumber Verde Degli Ortolani

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S15 - 'Long green cucumber of the veg grower'!! Mid-Late, smooth, dark green, English style cuke. 

Approximate seeds quantity:@150
Sow: from March - July

Partnership plant: Cauliflower, Cabbage, Bean, Fennel, Lettuce, 

What to sow after: Chard, Carrot, Chicory, Bean, Fennel, Endive, 
Lettuce, Pea, Leek,  Parsley, SpinachLamb's lettuce.
Cucumber Verde Degli Ortolani

Product Reviews

Written by Maureen Pinwill on 20th Aug 2023

Seem to be growing very well indeed

Not as yet fully fruiting but I was late planting. Nice healthy looking yellow flowers and the foliage is a good colour. I am notice that some fruit are forming. They are in a cold greenhouse so may last a while.

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