Courgette Rugosa Friuliana

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*Heritage Variety*

As seen on BBC Gardeners World TV on the 15th of Sept. This very ugly courgette variety has one of the best flavours, and is virtually the only variety you will find in the local shops and markets in the Veneto region of Italy. A must grow variety. 

Growing habit: Trailing 
Approximate seeds quantity:@15
Sow: from February - June 

Courgette Rugosa Friuliana

Product Reviews

Written by Jasmin on 28th Aug 2021

Rugosa Friulana

Lovely courgette - very meaty and doesn’t go watery when cooked. Not the easiest to germinate - a bit irratic and takes a while to establish. But they’re well worth the perseverance. Once they get going they do very well. But beware: it says here that they’re trailing - mine are definitely bushes! As they’re supposed to be trailing, I tried to grow them up a trellis but they don’t want to know.

Written by S Wilkinson on 19th Aug 2021

Best courgette I've ever grown

Absolutely wonderful taste and texture. Quite sweet, firm dense flesh, not watery. Ideal if you love fried courgettes. Very good yield. I've been picking them quite young (4-6"). I've grown them in largeish pots, starting off with some pelleted chicken manure and giving a regular liquid feed once they started fruiting. They're thirsty plants and I water almost daily. They seem very pest and disease resistant. The recent below average temperatures don't seem to have deterred them. I shan't bother growing any other varieties now I've discovered these.

Written by Julie Steggals on 8th Aug 2021

Courgette Rugosa Friuliana

Interesting courgette, pale yellow with slight nobbles all over. The fruits are robust and nutty flavoured, but there are not very many of them. Cold weather probably the reason.

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