Chanteclair Detergent with Degreaser Fragrance of White Musk (Muschio Bianco) 1,5L

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Product Description

Chanteclair Detergent with Degreaser Fragrance of White Musk (Muschio Bianco) 1,5L

Chanteclair White Musk washing machine, liquid detergent, with real degreaser, active at low temperatures, concentrated formula. Classic Washing Machine Detergent, with its special concentrated formula and 30% more effectiveness in every drop*, removes even the most stubborn stains. Enriched with real Degreaser, it ensures clean laundry even at low temperatures. Laboratory test, average effectiveness on stains of ketchup, tea, beetroot, olive oil, starch, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pudding, egg, blood compared to previous formula dosage 61ml. Chanteclair White Musk Laundry Liquid cuts through even the toughest stains with its powerful, concentrated formula.  This effective solution is enriched with a real degreaser, ensuring your laundry emerges sparkling clean, even in cold washes.

About the scent: Musky: This is the most prominent characteristic. While not as strong or animal-like as natural musk, white musk offers a warm, sensual whisper of sweetness.Soft and powdery: White musk often has a gentle, powdery undertone. This evokes a sense of comfort and delicacy, similar to the feeling of soft talcum powder. Clean and pure: White musk frequently gives the impression of cleanliness and freshness. It's a light and airy scent that feels uplifting. So, to imagine the smell of white musk, think of a soft, warm muskiness with a touch of powdery elegance and a clean, airy freshness.

About Chanteclair: Born in Marseille, France, Chanteclair is a brand steeped in history.  In the early 1900s, master soap maker Auguste Roustan crafted a revolutionary formula. Using only natural ingredients, he created the world-famous Marseille Soap, renowned for its genuine and unforgettable clean scent. This legacy of quality and natural ingredients continues to define Chanteclair today.

Formula Strengthened with Degresaser.

Formula Potenziata con Sgrassatore.