Caputo flour Pasticceria (Pastry) 1kg

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Caputo flour Pasticceria (Pastry) 1kg

Specially formulated by Caputo of Naples for pastry, for savoury or sweet tarts etc. 1kg bag

Caputo Pasticceria, Soft Wheat Flour Type "00" - 1kg Pasticceria Flour for Cakes & Shortcrust Pastry

Superfine Soft Wheat Flour Extra. Fragrant and Savory This Flour is exclusively dedicated to the preparation of sponge and shortcrust pastry.

Ingredients: Superfine Soft Wheat Flour Without adding additives and enzymes.

Store in a Cool & Dry Place

It may contain traces of soy, gluten.

Product of Italy


flour 00
SHELF LIFE 12 months
BAKERY W 200/220
ELASTICITY P/L 0.50 / 0.60
Caputo flour Pasticceria (Pastry) 1kg

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