Capers - Cappero

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Indoor only. This perennial plant is ideal for pickling in vinegar for later use on pizza and in antipasti. Must be grown in a hot climate, or in a greenhouse/conservatory. Sow from Mar-Jun and add sand and gravel to the soil. Please note that germination can take from 3-12 months.

Capers/Cappero.  Mature caper bushes can grow three feet high and spread four or five feet. They are quite pretty and aromatic. They require dry heat and intense sunlight to flourish. Will be killed by temperatures below 20 degrees F. In the UK, bring them inside in the winter and treat them like rosemary. Seeds are sometimes difficult to germinate; soak seeds a day, put in refrigerator in wet towel in plastic bag for 6 weeks, then plant in 5" pots, 4 seeds/pot. Thin to strongest. When transplanting, disturb root as little as possible. May have flowers year 1, will have them year 2.  1 gram packet.  To learn more about growing capers, click here.

Approximate seeds quantity:@120
Sow: Spring 
Capers - Cappero

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