Broad Bean Superaguadulce Box 250g (A)Vicia faba L.

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*Heritage Variety*
Superaguadulce: The name means super sweet water and refers to the juiciness and sweetness of this variety, which is probably the best of all – restaurant quality. Mid/early, the plant is vigorous and can grow to about a metre or slightly over. The pods are about 25–28 cm in length and each one will contain six to eight light green broad beans of good size and flavour. 

Approximate quantity: @250
The plants are 100-110cm tall

Pods: 25cm
Beans in a pod: 6/8 beans 
Weight: 250g
Sow: from 
February - May and September - November

Horticultural  name: Vicia Fava


Broad Bean Superaguadulce Box 250g (A)Vicia faba L.

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Written by Kevin Peter Garn on 15th Nov 2020

Broad Bean

Good value for money excellent germination rate

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