Bormioli single 1L Passata bottle with lid

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UK ONLY. Exclusive in the UK to Seeds of Italy, these fantastic passata bottles are a bit like thick old milk bottles, but with a lid that is guaranteed an airtight seal. Liquid items are far better in a passata bottles than a jar and stored in a larder than taking up valuable space in your freezer. Bormioli jars are made from durable glass and the lids are heat-sealable, airtight and with integral rubber seal, to give you a proper vacuum seal during the preserving process.
Bormioli single 1L Passata bottle with lid

Product Reviews

Written by Jayne watson on 7th Feb 2021

Passata jars

1 arrived broken so I rang the number on the accompanying paper work and got put straight through to Paulo, who not only immediately apologised and promised a replacement (which duly arrived) but also explained in detail how to ensure passata is sterilised and safe. This is personal service! Thank you

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