What can I do to help the environment?

What can I do to help the environment?

We have upgraded our approach on the climate emergency to 'aggressively proactive' and we already tick a lot of the boxes, but we need (we all need) to raise our game further and make a difference.

When you think of 'endangered' you think of panda's and rhino's, but 94% of heirloom vegetables have been lost in just 100 years. Franchi supply varieties from the remaining 6% including 11 which are endangered so by using Franchi seeds, you are protecting biodiversity and we are the most ethical major seed brand selling in the UK according to Ethical Consumer Mag in 2015.

At the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show we're building an Ark with endangered veg varieties boarding it 2 by 2 in the Dig In marquee to highlight this.

In the meantime, we'll shortly be launching a pollinators survival kit which is a mixture of 9 packets that create habitats that favour butterflies, ladybirds, bees and other insects. In turn, that favours bird populations. Order yours now.

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