Onion of Genova, sweet and endangered


I have just picked some onions I grew from seed, but this is a variety at risk of being lost forever called 'Rosso Genovese'. In fact, it is now so rare, that it is on an the Slow Food register of endangered foods - 'The Ark of Taste'.https://www.fondazioneslowfood.com/…/ar…/genovese-red-onion/

If any food or ingredient is on the Ark of taste, it means that there is literally just a few producers left and if they stop producing it because of retirement, death or because it is unprofitable, then that tradition, that biodiversity is gone, forever, to the entire planet.

We have already lost 94% of all the heritage edibles on this planet and this onion is a great example of one from the remaining 6% that were not lost. If you buy onion sets, you will invariably get the standard mass produced corporate variety of red onion called Red Baron which has little biodiversity value as it is grown worldwide...

Support regional varieties foods whenever you can from prosciutto di Parma to Friarielli Broccoli, Cumberland Sausages to Brie de Mieux over mass produced cheaper foods if you can.... Sow in spring and AUTUMN - Order yours now