Organic Radish Saxa

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Product Description

This organic variety has thin leaves and produces round bright red roots. The flesh is consistent and crunchy. This variety is resistant ro go woody and to bolt. Seeds obtained from organic seasonal productive cycles, controlled and cerified, using natural control that respect the enviroment. To guarantee the natural fertility of the soil, use the appropiate natural methods that exclude the use of fertilizer and chemical pesticides. Use natural products which encourage the development of micro-organisms guaranteeing the correct ballance of the soil. Thanks to organically grown seeds, you can enjoy geniune, natural tasty produce with higher levels of nutrition and goodness.

Approximate seeds quantity: @1200 seeds. 

To be sown from January to May for harvest form April to July and sow again from August to October for harvest from October to January.

Horticultural name: Raphanus sativus L.