Bean Zolfino di Pratomagno - the Noble bean. 350g Pack *endangered variety

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Bean Zolfino di Pratomagno - the Noble bean. 350g 

This variety is on the Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' which means it is endangered.

Almost extinct in the 1970's, Zolfini are considered by some as one of the finest shelling beans in the world, picked by hand in Tuscany and ONLY found in Pratomagno in a given geographical region. You can see more info at where it is described as an old fashioned flavour of the Tuscan countryside and we get asked for these all the time, despite the price tag.

The Zolfino bean is a noble bean proud of it's small territory of production along the Strada Setteponti in the pre-alpine hills and mountainous overhanging peaks along the old Roman Cassias Vetas route. Many have tried to copy it unsuccessfully and there are only still a few producers of Zolfini beans in its home area.

It is called Zolfino as it has a very light yellow colour, like sulphur and it has the finest thinnest skin which food critics describe as melting in the mouth like 'l'Ostia' - the host in church.It has a creaminess and is recommended in Tuscan dishes, eaten with Chianti and Tuscan olive oil. They do not even need soaking and will cook from dry in about 2 hours.

This is not seed for planting, but for your eating pleasure! 350g Pack

*Buy 2 or more for £10 each*.