Aubergine Pianta Del Uovo

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This mini aubergines are called 'tree of eggs' because they are not only the same size, but are white and yellowy/brown in colour and very productive. Sow from Feb-May and grow them exactly the same way you would your other aubergine varieties although being smaller, I have found these easier to grow.

Also Ideal for Indoor Gardening Systems

Aubergine Pianta Del Uovo

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Written by Christopher Finch on 4th Sep 2022

Aubergine Pianta Del Uovo

Never been able to grow any aubergines but this year I have managed; seeds all came up, grew into great little plants, potted into 10” pots and grown on in the greenhouse. Each plant has produced several pure white egg shaped fruits. Excellent variety, yet to cook and taste, but will grow again.

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