Tre Marie chocolate Krumiri Biscuits 290g

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Tre Marie chocolate Krumiri Biscuits 290g

Traditional Biscuits from the Dolomites with chocolate filling, made with 0 flour.

Yeast free, no preservatives, colours or hydrigenated fats.

“Ancora uno” means “another one” in Italian: so this will be the sentence you’ll repeat in your head when you will eat these cookies! They’re so good that you’ll keep eating them! The Krumiro cookie has shortcrust pastry with stone-ground flour and filled with crunchy chocolate. A crumbly shortcrust pastry, a cookie that reinterprets the traditional Krumiro recipe with a crunchy dark chocolate heart. These italian Biscuits are for breakfast and for any time of the day, so good that you want to eat One More. Ancora uno – tre Marie is all that you need to treat yourself. Ancora uno – tre Marie Biscuits are delicious and creamy enough to fulfil your cravings for sweets and cookies at the same time. These cookie remains fresh for a longer period so you can enjoy the same taste for a longer time. Ancora uno tre Marie Italian cookies are delicious crunchy biscuits that are stuffed with soft & velvety chocolate.
Come in a quality Bag that preserve real freshness of the biscuits for a long time.
Ancora uno – tre Marie Italian cookie is made with Ground Flour and Crunchy Chocolate. 


Wheat flour 40%,sugar,dark chocolate 15%,(cocoa mass,sugar,butter,emulsifier: soy lecithin,vanilla natural flavour), high oleic sunflower oil 10%, stone-ground whole wheat 7%, butter,eggs 3%, starch (wheat), sweetned condensed milk (milk, sugar), whole sea salt 0,3%, raising agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate), maize starch,flavours,emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.

May Contain: Sesame, Mustard, Hazelnut and other nuts.

Nutritional Value (per 100g):

Energy -    2116kj   /    506kcal 

Fat -  24,9g

of which: saturated fat -  10,0g

Carbohydrate -  62,1g 

of which: sugar -  25,5g

Fibre -  3,5g

Protein -  6,5g

Salt  -   0.50g


Tre Marie chocolate Krumiri Biscuits 290g

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