Tomato Red Pear Franchi Of Bergamo (A) Solanum Lycopersicum L.

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*Heritage Variety*

T9 - As seen on BBC GW 21/9/12. Very good quality, flavoursome, pear shaped with vertical ribs - a must try. Really meaty containing few seeds. 

Fruits weight: up to 220-230g
Growing habit: Indeterminate (cordon)
Approximate seeds quantity:@60
Sow: from February to April
Variety: Indoor
Tomato Red Pear Franchi Of Bergamo (A) Solanum Lycopersicum L.

Product Reviews

Written by Aneta on 19th Apr 2021

Red pear tomatoes

I was introduced to this variety (Red Pear) by true Italian gardener, he said" Bella, try growing this ones, you will never want to go without them, they are beautiful, the best!" He gave me 10 plants and Yes! He was absolutely spot on! Red Pear are truly the best tomatoes I have ever grown! Even my husband who doesn't like tomatoes( crazy, right?) Loves the Red Pear. The taste is perfectly balanced, even if they're not fully ripe! Very versatile, from eating them raw to perfect tomato sauce! Highly recommend this variety! You won't be disappointed! Thank You Franchi Seeds for this gorgeous seeds!

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