Slug Bell - Dome large

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Product Description

As an allotmenteer, I hate slugs and snails – they eat all my veg!But I also hate spreading slug pellets randomly all over the garden as I have hedgehogs and frogs, plus I keep chickens in my Harrow garden. So I was very pleased to find this simple to use product, the Slug Bell.
It is safe for children, pets and wildlife. It is also safer for the environment as it prevents the pellets (organic or conventional) being immediately washed away into the soil.
They can be moved around the garden, keep the pellets dry even if watering the garden and are hand painted.
Simply place the pellets in the elevated basket provided, insert the basket's metal spike into the ground and place the bell over it to protect it from the elements. The yeast in the pellets will attract the slugs to the bell day or night to feast on them rather than your valuable crops.

They are made of spur metal which is powder coated, then hand painted and varnished.

(effective over 2.5m/8ft diameter area)
This size of Slug Bell is only available with the triangular bell shape and in 4 colours:

  • Tudor Rose
  • Green Flowers
  • Blue Flowers
  • Marigold Flowers


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    Slug Bell Dome

    Posted by Andrew Gill on 15th Nov 2020

    I am not convinced this works although the slug and snail count has reduced slightly. It is positioned next to the lettuce and that still has some slugs and snails on the leaves. Additionally the bell is showing slight rusting around its rim