Organic White Hampshire Sourdough 100yo (New Forest)

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Our organic British white sourdough starter culture is made from the naturally occurring yeast and lactic acid bacteria in flour. It is often also used to name bread made using the culture. Yeasts and bacteria suitable for bread production are found in relatively high amounts on the surface of cereal grains, such as wheat. By grinding the grains into flour and allowing these micro-organisms to thrive – by adding water, keeping the mix at an appropriate temperature, and providing food in the form of more flour to create what is known as a ‘starter’ – they can be increased in size and concentration.

Our organic British white sourdough starter culture comes sourced from starter cultures that have been in use for over a century. A mature, well-aged sourdough starter has a much stronger and distinctive sourdough flavour than one recently started from scratch. We have worked hard to obtain the very best sourdough from across the world. We feed our starter cultures twice a day; ensuring that what you purchase from us is a very active, starter culture.

We have traced the heritage of our Hampshire sourdough back over a century to the New Forest. Since then it has found its way into many kitchens across the UK. This is a true heirloom variety that has only been fed on plain white flour. It produces a classic tasting white sourdough loaf that has a mild, subtle flavour.

Each pack contains 150g of fresh/wet sourdough starter.

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Organic White Hampshire Sourdough 100yo (New Forest)

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