Cutting Lettuce Verde Ricciolina da taglio

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*Heritage Variety*

Verde Ricciolina: Very early, this cutting lettuce produces beautiful soft green leaves, held up by a crunchy rib at the back. The leaves are ruffled and can be sown from March to end of September. Cut and come again variety. A pinch in a pot or a small plot every month. Ideal for containers on balconies - you don't need a garden for cutting lettuce.
Sow: from Mach to end of September  
Approximate seeds quantity: @3500

Partnership plant: Carrot, Cauliflower & Cabbage, Cucumber, 
Chicory & Radicchio, Bean, FennelPepper,  Pea, Tomato, 
LeekRadish, Spinach.

What to sow after: Cauliflower & Cabbage, Cucumber, Bean, 
Aubergine, Melon, Pepper,  Pea, TomatoRadish, Courgette.

Cutting Lettuce Verde Ricciolina da taglio

Product Reviews

Written by John Townsend on 24th Aug 2020

Cutting lettuce

Prolific and keeps coming. Lovely leaves

Written by Pam Flanagan on 4th Aug 2020

Cutting Lettuce Verde Ricciolina

Grew quickly and have had quite a good crop. Starting to bolt now so will try a different lettuce next time as I wanted one that would last all summer.

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