Buondi' Cakes 6 x 339

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Product Description

Buondi' cakes 22 hours long proving

A popular italian brakfast cake with sugar crystals sprinkled on top.
Born from the original recipe, simple and authentic: naturally leavened dough for 22 hours,
covered with a crunchy glaze and the characteristic and inimitable granulated sugar.
Every day a soft pleasure to greet the morning and the moments of taste with a cheerful good day.
Buondi classic is the "father" of the wide Buondi family.
Although Buondi Classic was born more than 50 years ago, it is considered today one of the most popular snack in the Italian market, thanks to its unique characteristics of taste and wholesomeness.
Always inimitable, with its almond icing and sweet sugar grains topping, it's the best start of your day!
The careful choice of ingredients and its unique manufacturing process, allow Buondi to be both delicious and light: in fact it has 45% less fat than a classic croissant!.

* Buondì Classico is the delicious and light breakfast that never goes out of style!

* Dough leavened slowly for 22 hours that make Buondì softer and even better!

* The crunchy and delicious grain will win you over with every bite. Third bite? You already want another one!

* Buondì Classico contains 30% less fat, to start your day with the right bite!

* Buondì has always offered you a delicious and light breakfast to start your day right!