BARILLA PASTA SAUCE 400g Amatriciana *Gluten Free*

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Barilla Sauces for pasta & gnocchi Required

BARILLA PASTA SAUCE 400g Amatriciana *Gluten Free*

Barilla is one of the most well known sauce brands in Italy and there are some flavours you won't find in the shops:

Tonno / Tuna - Ideal for linguini or with hollow shapes. 75% tomato, Tuna in olive oil 10%, sunflower oil, parsley 1.2%, glucose syrup, corn starch, salt and Anchovy paste, garlic, lactic acid, black pepper.

Montanaro / Mountain - Tomato, mushroom and Italian sausage, rich and meaty, ideal with Rigatoni or Penne. Tomato 33%, pork meat 13%, mushroom 13%, sausage 5%, carrot, porcini mushrooms 3%, onion, sunflower oil, corn starch, celery, sugar, salt.

Ricotta - using 100% Italian tomatoes and ricotta, this is creamy and fresh, ideal for a summer pasta dish wtih spirali or penne for example 73% tomato, ricotta 13%, onion, sunflower oil, Grana Padana PDO, Pecorino Romano, salt, parsley, glucose syrup, Origano. 

Olive - 63% tomato pulp, concentrate 12%, Olives 10% green and black, water, onion, sunflower oil, capers 0,6%, sugar, natural flavouring, salt, parsley, garlic and oregano.

Amatriciana - famous sauce named after the town of the same name with lardons, tomato based, really good.

Bolognese - tomato sauce with minced meat classic ragu' from the Bologna area

Contadino - vegetables and meat ragu sauce.

BARILLA PASTA SAUCE 400g Amatriciana *Gluten Free*

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