Wildflowers 4 x 20g Mix

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One of each of our 4 mixes saving you £5.97. Pure seed, not mixed with vermiculite or grass seed. 20g = 4sqm coverage. Native British wildflower varieties. 

Days of Olde mix - A traditional meadow mix that will come back every year and attract many insects

No.28 Mix - A super mix of 28 varieties of annuals and perennials which will start to produce from year 1 and will suit most soils.

Summer Cornfield -  Fast growing and colourful, can reseed themselves to last 2 or even 3 years and your garden will look a picture. 5g covers 1sqm so this will cover 4sqm with vivid flowers.

Colour Explosion - This mix is extremely colourful with a mass of flowering heads. Suitable for larger areas. Sow in spring and will flower through to about October in a sunny spot. This mix will attract many insects and invertebrates.

No28 mix

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