Wild asparagus selvatico 10 crowns

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PRE ORDER FOR EARLY 2022. If you order seed packets with your bulbs we will send everything together when the bulbs are available in EARLY SPRING. Let us know if you need us to send the seed packets earlier or please place another order.

1. One year old Wild (so M/F) Asparagus Crowns 'Scaber Montina' - Excellent flavour characteristics make this hard-to-find variety much sought after by chefs and foodies. 10 crown pack. Thin, tasty asparagus tips eaten with potatoes or eggs, black summer truffles too. Sow in Spring.

Wild asparagus selvatico 10 crowns

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Written by Dave Musson on 24th Jul 2020


Only 7 have come out of ground so far. can`t say any more than that