Watermelon Crimson Giant F1

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Fruits can reach 10-12kg

In warm countries, they can be grown in 80 days but in the UK will take longer, but June, July and August are the 3 hottest months of the year. Sow in to pots as soon as the seeds arrive during May and place them in a warm place to germinate – a sunny windowsill is perfect.

Watermelons prefer warm, rich fertile soil. The best thing is to put black horticultural weed membrane down (or peg some black bags down) with holes cut for the plants. This will keep moisture in and maximise warmth from the sun. If you can’t sow into the ground, one plant in a terracotta pot in full sun will do.

Once a couple of fruit have set on the plant, then prick off the growing tip to encourage the energy to go back into the fruits rather than the plants. Feed the melons with tomato food in the summer.

If the summer behaves, you could be enjoying a juicy, red, sweet watermelon.

There will be a prize for the 3 best fruits. Whatever the outcome, have fun and enjoy your season.

Watermelon Crimson Giant F1

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