Vegan Nduja (NoDuja !!) 140g by Sapori d'Italia

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Vegan Nduja (NoDuja !!) 140g by Sapori d'Italia


Back in stock and with improved packaging.

Nduja has become a massively popular ingredient in recent years and traditionally is a Calabrian chilli laced spreadable salame.

We have managed to source a Vegan 'NoDuja' which we tried and loved!

Just try! but we are sure you will love it as much as us!

Order now!!! 


Calabria's famous spicy 'Nduja spread!

Full of flavour and can bring a variety of dishes to the next level. 

Ways to use our VegaNoDuja:

  • Stir into pasta sauces
  • Spread on to crostini
  • Drizzle over burrata
  • Spread into sandwiches
  • Add to mayo for a spicy 'Nduja mayo
  • Add to a pizza

Ingredients: Sundried Tomatoes, Sunflower Oil, Potato, Chilli, Inactive Yeast, Herbs, Spices. Free From all Allergens.


Storage: Keep Refrigerated at all times.


Sundried Tomatoes (40%), Chilli (25%), Sunflower Oil, Rehydrated Potato Flakes, Basilico Genovese D.O.P., Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Inactive Yeast, Salt, Black Pepper. Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid

Vegan Nduja (NoDuja !!) 140g by Sapori d'Italia

Product Reviews

Written by Mark Palmer on 11th Sep 2022

Vegan Nduja

A good idea, but a rather disappointing product. The manufacturer's packing was inadequate, causing staining red oil to leak all over everything else in the box. The Nduja itself was quite pleasant, but rather expensive for what it is, essentially, just mashed up tomatoes and chilli.

Written by Matt Halliday on 30th May 2022


Got some out of curiosity - I'm an N'Duja lover! I think it has a bit more of a kick than N'duja but the texture and flavour are gorgeous. Well worth a try.

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