Tris of Onions - Red, Gold & White 500g (Pre-order for Autumn)

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UK ONLY All 3 colour bulbs for sowing now, red, white and golden in a 500g bag all mixed together. Ideal for the hobby gardener who wants different onions in the same patch but doesn't want to buy 3 bags of sets! Sow in spring for the same year and in the autumn for a harvest the following spring.

White onions tend to be stronger, a good size. The golden ones store well and are for general use and the red ones are the sweetest. All 3 are used in Italian cuisine and the onion along with celery and carrot are considered the holy trinity of Italian cooking.

Tris of Onions - Red, Gold & White 500g (Pre-order for Autumn)

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Written by Ian on 24th Aug 2021

Trio of Onions

I bought these last year as an alternative to my normal red & golden autumn planting sets. Planted them in the autumn as they came out of the bag and looked after them as normal. On the whole I had a good crop although did lose the odd onion to rot. Weather conditions probably caused some bolting but I'm trying same product this autumn.

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