Ten black summer truffle trees - Mainland UK on Hazelnut

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Ten Certified black summer truffle trees on Hazelnut. Ideal to start your own mini professional truffle orchard. The French call the Black summer truffle 'La Trufe Anglais' and they are completely native to the United Kingdom. They are the only edible truffle found in the summer so whilst not as sought after as white truffles, nonetheless they are enjoyable with a milder lingering flavour.

All truffle trees are certified as having the spores on them and performance is subject to conditions. We recommend a soil test from Raggi Vivai which costs £80 and will tell you how suitable your soil is for growing truffles and which truffle best suits. This said, the black summer truffle is native to the UK and is the easiest truffle of all to cultivate.

The first thing is to make sure your soil is not acid, is not waterlogged and is not compacted (Stony soil is actually good for truffle production). £199 (£19 each).
Ten black summer truffle trees - Mainland UK on Hazelnut

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