Swiss Chard ‘Liscia Barese’ - Beta vulgaris L

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Chard is used throughout Italy where it is highly prized due to its reliability, ease of cultivation and flavour. Harvest it by cutting and new shoots will spring up. Chard makes a great tart filling along with eggs, cheese and toasted pine nuts or a tasty stuffing for tortellini, a type of ravioli. Its also wonderfully tasty simply served with eggs and parmesan.

Annual: Swiss chard is easy to grow. Either sow direct into well-prepared fertile ground or start off in seed compost in modular seed trays in spring and summer. Thin out the weakest plants when they have germinated and plant out when large enough to handle.

Partnership plant: CarrotsCauliflowerCabbage, Bean,  Radish,

What to sow after: Cauliflower,Cucumber, Chicory, Bean, 
Endive, Lettuce, Melon, Pea,Leek, Radish, Courgette.

Swiss Chard ‘Liscia Barese’ - Beta vulgaris L

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