Star Italian Classico Stock Cubes 10 X 10g

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Classico - Ideal for making broth, risotto, for soups and stews. A leading Italian brand based in Milan. 10 x 10g (100g or 20 portions). The most sold brand in Italy, with olive oil.

ingredients Classico

iodaed salt (50.1%) Vegetable fat palm - monosodium glutamate - guanylate and disodium, disodium inosinate, broth extract with soya, Extra virgin olive oil 1%, Aroma - vegetables 0.8% (onion 0.3%, carrot 0.25%, parsley 0.2% celery 0.05%) onion extract, meat extract.

May contain traces of fish, milk, egg. Allergens soya, celery


Classico stock cube

Product Reviews

Written by Philip Hill on 12th Sep 2022

Star Italian Classico Stock Cubes

Adds a great flavour and a great price

Written by Judith Basham on 18th Jul 2021

Star Italian Classico Stock Cubes

I never let my stock get low in the fabulous cubes. These cubes add just that extra flavor which cannot be identified, I often use a cube to grate directly onto food for that "Je ne sais quoi" !

Written by Thomas on 28th Sep 2020

Star Italian Classico Stock Cubes 100g

Great value for money

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