Squash Kurbis Tromba Di Albenga Leben

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This is a mid early bush variety of good production. It produce long, curved fruits with consistant yellow flesh. The seeds are in the bulbous end, which means you get a neck of pure meaty flesh.
This variety is from Liguria in the alpine North of Italy.  This variety has boomed in popularity in the last few years because it is easy to go and delicious to boot. Also, it climbs so you can trail it up a fence and grow it upward rather than using up valuable ground space in the garden.

Growing habit: Trailing 
Approximate seeds quantity:@20 seeds.
To be sown from February to July and harvest from June to October.
Horticultural name: Cucurbita moschata

Squash Kurbis Tromba Di Albenga Leben

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