Palmieri Zampone from Modena 1kg

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Traditionally eaten at Christmas and the new year, Zampone is a kind of salame you cook and serve hot - pigs trotter basically. It is precooked and can be heated in 45 mins boiled in the bag. Traditionally eaten with mashed potato (puree') or polenta, and usually with Lentils, they are hard to find and a delicay espeically in Modena. 1kg

Palmieri Zampone from Modena 1kg

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Written by David Mackay on 5th Aug 2020

Rovagnati Zampone from Modena

Very difficult to get anything like this sausage in Perth locally, delighted I can get this from Seeds of Italy. Easy cooking and as expected massive flavour. Follow the easy instructions and the flavour is just wonderful, great along with lentils and garlic, always with the garlic

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