Regional pleasure hamper - UK Only.

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The Regional Pleasures Hamper is a nice mix of 'cucina povera' (peasant foods typical of Italian cuisine) and noble foods
contains delectable ingredients for your foodie table. 

- Chickpea of Chianti. Soak for at least a day changing the water at least once, before boiling from cold for about an hour. Can be used in Minestrone and a whole host of dishes with great success. It is wonderful served hot on its own with salt and pepper and good Tuscan olive oil, but they are particularly well suited when served with fish.

- Lentils of Colfiorito, needs no soaking, cooking from dry in just 20 minutes. It is superb 'in umido' cooked with some pancetta (bacon), onion and some broth.

-Montalbano Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Tuscany 500ml Made from Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino, Rossellino and Piangente ('weeping') varieties as has been the tradition for many years. The passion and experience used in its production give us a highly prized and superior quality oil with the typical pepperiness characteristic of Tuscan oils but also well balanced and ideal for use cold in salads but as much at home on cooked foods also.

- Organic pesto Genovese. This is the real stuff, not to be confused with inferior and non Italian 'pesto' which do not come from Genova. 

- Trofie Durum wheat pasta (ISO, BRC, Kosher). Used traditionally with Pesto Genovese in Liguria. Pesto is not usually eaten with Spaghetti in Liguria so to eat Pesto faithfully, you need Trofie pasta.

*Mainland UK Only*

Regional pleasure hamper - UK Only.

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