Regional Italian Pasta - Orecchiette, Trofie by Orogiallo

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UK ONLY - The highest quality Organic regional Pasta shapes still made using traditional bronze cutters and age old techniques. When you boil this pasta, the whole kitchen will be filled with the smell of the durum wheat and the flavour, well lets just say it is how pasta should taste, not what we are always presented with. Made in SALERNO, ISO, BRC, Kosher. 500g packet.  EACH PACK COMES WITH A RECIPE
You can choose from 4 different types:

- Orecchiette - used traditionally with Cima di Rapa to make the national dish of Puglia 'Orechiette e cima di rapa' with garlic, anchovies, chilli and a splash of Puglian wine. Natural or coloured (veg dye)

- Trofie - used traditionally with Pesto Genovese in Liguria. Pesto is not usually eaten with Spaghetti in Liguria so to eat Pesto faithfully, you need Trofie pasta. Natural or coloured (veg dye)

Regional Italian Pasta - Orecchiette, Trofie by Orogiallo

Product Reviews

Written by Rob Cullen on 15th Sep 2020

Oricchiette & Le Trofie

Both pasta's are superb. Le Trofie with Raab is a great combination. I'm experimenting with Orrichiette used it with prawns and a white wine sauce . excellent but maybe not what was intended!

Written by Ann Gilks on 13th Jul 2020

Trofie Pasta

I bought the tricolor pasta and ate it with steamed potatoes, green beans and pesto. It it a lovely delicate shape, far superior to anything I can buy locally. We very much enjoyed eating thsiis.