Pumpkin – Kurbis Marina Chioggia Leben

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Heritage variety dating to the 17th century, it was brought back to Venice from the Americas, probably from more or less wild pumpkins found growing on the east coast and was crossed with a local variety and bred on from there. It has been cultivated in the Veneto region (Chioggia) for the last 300 years and is one of the oldest pumpkin culativars in Italy. Mentioned by Carlo Goldoni (playwright 1707 - 1793) and in a book 'Flora Veneta' by naturalist Fortunato Luigi Naccari in 1800.

Very old, rustic pumpkin from near Venice. This late variety has a thick, knobbly skin and sweet yellow/orange flesh. Rich in Vitamin A which helps keep eyes and skin healthy. Also contains mineral salts (Calcium & Phosphorous). It might look ugly, but it is a good storer and very tasty.

Approximate seeds quantity:@15 seeds.

To be sown from March to June and harvest from August to December.

Horticultural name: Cucurbita maxima duchesne

Pumpkin – Kurbis Marina Chioggia Leben

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