Porcini Mushroom Polenta 350gr By Borghini

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*Gluten Free / Vegetarian* 
The pasta of the North of Italy is Polenta where it is eaten regularly during the bitterly cold winters. And given that both truffles and porcini are both found in the same areas, it is no surprise they're eaten together. Talk about a match made in heaven!
Made from only natural ingredients (polenta, truffle or porcini, garlic, parsley), they are ready in just 5 mins adding 2 litres of water and bringing to a simmer mixing continuously. Serve with a full bodied wine from Piemonte. Serve 3-4 as a starter portion, 2 as a main.


Porcini Mushroom Polenta 350gr By Borghini

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Written by Angela on 13th May 2021

easy quick and delicious

This quick cooking polenta is really good, it cooks easily without lumps and it tastes really good. I cook the whole packet in one go and pour whatever I don't eat in a container to set, when cool I slice and freeze for another day. I cook in a pan with a little olive oil. Great product.

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