Pizza Oven gas burner. Patented Large 70x90cm Mobile 70KG Tuscany

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*Mainland UK only* For your garden or business, hand made in Florence by artisans and NOT to be confused with similar looking products made with inferior imported materials, these are Italian made professional ovens - Beware of expensive imitations. 

They  are completely mobile and portable and whilst large, 2 people can take them to an event, to a pizza party, a family gathering or they can even be vehicle mounted and used to make pizze at festivals etc (ours are certified for food use).

It can be used without the frame and they make proper Italian pizza, breads and can be used to roast meats, slow cooked stews and anything you would normally put into an oven. They are artisan made and will give years and years of pleasure even if used daily or just occasionally. 

Many good reasons to choose an outdoor gas pizza oven Pizza Party Passione or Bollore:

  • They are easy to use, fast in heating and cooking.
  • You can use wherever you want on the terrace and garden without worrying about the smoke and the neighbors.
  • Optimized gas burner to allow high performance and have so much space available on the floor.
  • Easy gas control to cook pizza bread and roasts.
  • There isnt ash.
  • Assembled with professional materials, ideal for private use and street food business.
  • Ready to use.
  • ..and if you have not a gas cylinder, you can use the oven with firewood! Its easy to remove the gas burner.
  • Designed to use with a gas cylinder. IF you want to use it in a kitchen (plumbed in to the mains) you need to tell us when you order and you will get a different gas fitting)

Delivered by Pallet works on a pallet in one large box (the pizza oven, the bricks which cannot be shipped inside the oven in case it was tipped over for example and the frame)

All Material made in ITALY/CEE and all gas ovens Patented and Certified for food use to ensure the highest quality and reliability for your business or private use! 

Ready to go in minutes - 


Pizza Oven gas burner. Patented Large 70x90cm Mobile 70KG Tuscany

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