Passata Machine By Rigamonti Of Lecco 'Velox'

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1 Year Guarantee. Full Spare Parts Back Up. Made in Lecco (Lombardia) to restaurant standards in food safe Polypropylene with full spare parts back up.
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See a review by Steve Ott of Kitchen Garden Magazine Aug 2018 

Pop the tomatoes in the top, turn the handle, and it will separate the tomato pulp (passata), from the skin and the seeds. A must in every Italian kitchen. Bottle the passata and then use for pasta, pizza, sauces, ketchup, soups etc. 
You can Choose between two sizes:

- Passata Machine Velox £32.99
- Passata Machine "Large" £39.99

Passata Machine By Rigamonti Of Lecco 'Velox'

Product Reviews

Written by John on 25th Nov 2021

Passata machine

Purchased as a birthday present for a friend who loved it, said it worked well & will be really useful.

Written by David Lofthouse on 10th Nov 2021

Rigamonti Passata Machine

Superb machine. Very well made, works extremely well, easy to clean

Written by Susan Hardy on 13th Oct 2021

Passata machine

It took me a little while to set it up and it needs to be on a really smooth surface to grip on to it to prevent moving around. Still not sure if I set it up correctly, however it did the job and it separated the skin and pips well. Bit of a job to clean!

Written by Eveline on 8th Dec 2020

Passata maker

Works well on both cooked and fresh tomatoes. I do put the pulp through several times. Cleaning is easy, but did not realise in the beginning that the Pusher could be taken apart. Some more cleaning instructions would be helpful. It is advisable to cut up tomatoes, then it is easier to get the pulp out.

Written by JMF on 16th Nov 2020

Passata Machine

Really pleased. Prompt delivery. Used it loads to process tomatoes from the garden. Works a treat.

Written by Chris Hooper on 29th Jul 2020

Passata Making

This little machine is the business! I'm very impressed by it's simple yet rugged and easy to clean design and how much suction it gets onto the worktop. It's a dream to use and easy to dismantle for cleaning. I found that putting the skins and seeds back through the hopper at least twice yields a lot more juice. I can't wait for my main crop of San Marzano to ripen, the results should be great.

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