Parsley Comune - *Seed Tape*

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TAP2 - Common flat leaf. This is a mid-early variety of parsley. This is a very aromatic plant with thin stalks. The good size leaves have a dark green colour and grow back stronger after cutting. This variety has a good resistance to low temperature.
To be sown from March to September and harvest from June to December
Horticultural name: Petroselinum crispum (Miller)
Taped Seed is pre spaced for ease of use. Ideal for beginners.
Plant the tape seeds in a healthy well kept fertilized soil at roughly 1-2cm depth, covering them with a light layer of soil and water. The decomposition of the tape encourage an ecological energy allowing the germination of the seeds to develope.
The tape is 5m long.
Parsley Comune - *Seed Tape*

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