Pan Ducale Cantuccini from Tuscany *UK Only

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Cantuccini Biscotti Required

Tradition says that Cantuccini should be dipped in 'Vin Santo' or holy wine, before being eaten. Actually any fortified wine is good and even regular wine - or coffee if it is breakfast time! Crunchy, full of almonds, they are unmistakable. As Tuscan as Tuscany itself. 250g Box.

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Traditional Wholewheat 250g

Pistacchio and Lemon 180g

Moscatello soaked (2.2%) and almond (wholemeal) 200

Traditional 250g

Product Reviews

Written by Susan Tungay on 13th Mar 2021

Cantuccini Biscuits

My husband loves these with a glass of Vin Santo, they are just the right size for dipping into the wine.

Written by Chris B on 26th Aug 2020

cantuccini biscuits

These are delicious with coffee and I even dip mine in coffee now and again. Really crunchy and full of almond flavour and nuts. A real winner!

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